About Us

Gore Realty Company, Inc. was founded in 1960 by the late John R. Gore.  Mr. Gore always believed that hard work and dedication to your job always paid big dividends. That is why today Gore Realty Company is still a vibrant, successful, and one of the oldest residential development companies in the Portage area.

Cardinal Crossing, named for the late John R. Gore’s favorite baseball team, is our latest venture. As a tribute to Mr. Gore, it promises to be Portage’s best neighborhood yet! It is located on Willowcreek Road and 700 North.  This project has everything.  3 Commercial lots oriented for medical offices along Willowcreek Road, 44 paired patio lots for those who want low maintenance, and 256 single family home lots. This is an attractive and desireable place to live with a variety of waterfront lots and beautiful stone bridge.

Gore Realty Company offers quality construction at affordable prices but in order to sell its product you must have experienced agents. Every agent is full time and combined, with over 60 years of personalized experience. This experience is instrumental in both new construction, existing homes, and commercial real estate business.

If you want to list your home, find an agent to represent you in finding a home, or want to locate commercial business or property, don’t hesitate to use a professional, A Gore Realty Company full time real estate agent.

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